Couriers Go Green Erasmus+ Project : Introducing the Final Digital Versions of Two Groundbreaking Green Tools - Online Green Framework & Toolbox

The Couriers Go Green project has recently launched two pivotal tools to support greener practices in the courier industry.

Online Green Framework

The Online Green Framework is a comprehensive digital platform that offers guidelines and best practices for courier companies aiming to reduce their environmental impact. This final version integrates various resources and strategic planning tools to help companies develop and implement effective green strategies, focusing on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability across their operations​ ( Online Green Framework)​​.

Online Green Framework

Additionally, the Strategic Planning Green Framework TOOLBOX is now available. The TOOLBOX represents the Couriers Go Green methodology implemented into a multi-component platform for target companies, specifically courier, postal, and delivery service providers, to develop or review their green strategy. The TOOLBOX integrates various information and resources that these companies are encouraged to use in the development of a robust, stable, and long-lasting strategy ( Strategic Planning Green Framework TOOLBOX).


Explore these resources to enhance your company's sustainability efforts and contribute to a greener future in the courier industry! 🌍🚛💚

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